World-Class Beauty Services

Founded in 2020, Fortuna Beauty is a Bulgarian company, based in Varna, specializing in manicure, pedicure, nail plastics, and meloplasty. The company is daily devoted to making sure that our customers' hands and feet are left looking flawless and the smile is shining on their faces when they see the result.

As experts in nail care, we strive to pamper our clients, and make them feel comfy while choosing a polish or shape, and freshening up their looks.

Fortuna Beauty offers the ultimate pleasure for our clients' hands and nails. Our exquisite treatments that eliminate any trace of dryness and dead skin reach far beyond the classic manicure which can be found everywhere.

Our Team

Joining Fortuna Beauty means becoming a valuable member of a supportive, responsible, and committed team. We might act strict, but the truth is that we are easy-going. Every day in our salon feels like a celebration as we all love the interaction with our faithful clients as well as all the new customers we meet along the way.

For all of us, the nail industry is a celebration of joy. That's how we express ourselves creatively by doing nail art, and meet new friends when a new client trusts our services, and our expertise.

In short, our team experiences style, serenity, and beauty all together.

Mission, Vision, Value



We, at Fortuna Beauty, are strongly committed to providing a world class salon experience to every client, every time. We treat all our clients like world-famous celebrities and therefore, we never compromise the nails care and beauty. We aim to pamper our clients and create strong relationships with them while satisfying their nails needs.
Also, we will never, never under any circumstances compromise the health of clients. That's why we adhere to the strictest sanitary guidelines. All metal implements for manicure and pedicure are sterilized for each client's use.



We strive to give our best in a sanitary yet chic atmosphere. We understand that having beautiful nails is important to our clients and we aim to pamper them with the best nails in Varna. Also, we provide hands and feet treatments by using only top quality professional products.



These are the values that push our team to provide the best service for the creation of solid links with our customers. Fortuna Beauty's team has always been committed to a client-orientated approach in order to create a positive impact in a chick and healthy environment.


All the products used by Fortuna Beauty uphold a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


There is no way around it. Every business has the responsibility to operate sustainably and do its part to secure safe and healthy lives for the future.